Hello, we are so glad you are here.

Just Enough Lovely is a collaboration between three long-time friends- Jamie, Evy, and Lisa. Our lives have developed in exceptionally different ways over the years, and we truly believe our differences complement one another, and our similar sense of humor and love of all things creative have created a strong bond that has brought us here! 

Our hope is that our words inspire you. We hope you see a recipe that moves you to make a mess in your kitchen tonight; read a product review that sends you straight to the store; hear an honest story about motherhood that reminds you that you're not alone. We are here representing the traveler, the fashionista, the Top Chef, the Joanna Gaines, the crossfitter, yogi, the wife, the mother out there. We are here for YOU; and we are so glad you are here.




Evy is a lady full of wanderlust, following her adventurous heart across the globe with a map-full of dreams. She currently resides in a sweet little flat in Dundee, Scotland with her lover Jason, and lots of dead succulents. An aspiring minimalist with a devotion to the mindful movement of yoga and the exhilarating intensity of lifting, she thrives on wholesome eats. Evy fosters puppies + pet sits as a hobby and lives the barista life for the moment.  Check her out on Instagram at @wholesome_heart.



Lisa is a wife, a mama, and a wanna-be artist/writer/interior designer. She spends her days trying to figure out a balance between working full time and raising her 2 amazing gremlin boys. She is certain that her vocation is her family, but also feels committed to making a difference in the community and has made a career in nonprofit work.


Jamie is a free-spirited yogi with a deep appreciation for food. Not only does she know about every good restaurant in the city and suburbs, she is an amazing cook and you'll often find her and her hubby whipping something up in the kitchen. Jamie is our resident "product junkie" and has a knack for finding the best all natural skin care and beauty products. Jamie can usually be found watching movies on the couch with her cat, Ella. You can find her on Instagram at @jamie_tibbits.